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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kerbey Lane Cafe

I love going out to breakfast.
But the weekends are always so crowded.
So if I am going to wait its going to have to be good.

Well folks, it was worth the wait!

Kerbey Lane Cafe at 2700 South Lamar Blvd here in Austin.
There are 4 other locations as well, but this is the one I went to.

So many good things to talk about.

A counter with short stools-
My legs won't dangle!
Its first come first served at the counter.
This gives you a chance to stalk the eaters, see what's good and then grab a seat.

The hours.
Its 24/7!
Early birds, late birds, middle of the day birds....everybody wins!

The menu.
Ok, so I have only had breakfast here but what else do you need??
They have pancake specials, too cool.
Eggs, meats, veggies, sweets.
Sticky muffin - yum.
Orange juice and sprite - i love bubbles in my drinks!
They even have Chipotle Tabasco (love it!)

There is a bit of parking around the building and more in the neighborhood up around it.
Great little garden to sit in while you wait for your buzzer to buzz.
The service was great.
They are busy but I did not feel forgotten.

If you have been there before or go now let me know what you had and how you liked it!

I am looking forward to another meal at Kerbey Lane.

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