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Monday, August 30, 2010

Congress Street Bridge Bats

ok, so this one is not much of a "find"
but its something we finally got around to doing
and I wanted to share.

This was such a fun evening!

We were given the advice to head on down to the TGIFriday's restaurant in the Radisson Hotel on Congress and Cesar Chavez (just north of the bridge on Congress) and get a seat on the patio.

Great view of the action and a little food and drink too!

We enjoyed sitting out in the lovely end of August evening and watching all the people gather on the bridge and along the water and even IN the water for the nightly show.

As the evening grew darker, the bridge got fuller.

And the glow sticks came out.

Its quite a scene at the Congress Street Bridge!

Finally as night continued to fall the bats make they debut.
First one or two were spotted above the treeline and then a red light came on under the bridge.
We could see thousands streaming out from under the bridge for their nightly feast.

Unfortunately my camera is not good enough to capture this event.
You will just have to head on down there for yourself and see it!

It was truly a magical evening!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cutie Pies

mmmmmm, pie.
Who does not love it?

Well here in Austin pies are easy as pie to get.
Just head on down to South Congress Ave. and find the food trailers.
Look for the pink and the green and there ya go.

You have found Cutie Pies!

Not only was this my first trip to Cutie Pies,
it was also my first time visiting a food trailer.

This trailer does not disappoint.

Lovely bright colors that you can't help but smile at.
Feathers, twinkle lights, and the cuteness you can handle!

Jaynie and her Cutie Pies have been featured in Southern Living
and Marta Stewart Living Magazine.

But this is not just about the trailer...its about what's IN the trailer...
the PIES!!!

Today when I stopped by the menu had

Fudge Brownie
White Chocolate something or other
Cherry Berry (which I picked up!)
and I am sure there were others but I can't remember!

The menu is always changing so be open minded to try something delicious when you get there.

And there are pies of the mini variety, not whole pies.
If you want a big, whole pie you have to order those up ahead of time!

My Pie

ok, wow, I can not speak or type at the moment...
I am in pure pie heaven.
I had to take a bite of the pie in order to speak to the
oh wow.
Yeah, that is amazing pie.

Cherry Berry.
Strawberries, cherries, blackberries...
Sweet but not too sweet.
Great berry flavor.

The crust was light and flaky.

If I had known the pie was this good it would not have
survived the ride home in the car.

Please go visit Jaynie and the Cutie Pie Wagon on South Congress.
You will not be disappointed!

Follow her on Facebook here.
Check out her website here.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Kerbey Lane Cafe

I love going out to breakfast.
But the weekends are always so crowded.
So if I am going to wait its going to have to be good.

Well folks, it was worth the wait!

Kerbey Lane Cafe at 2700 South Lamar Blvd here in Austin.
There are 4 other locations as well, but this is the one I went to.

So many good things to talk about.

A counter with short stools-
My legs won't dangle!
Its first come first served at the counter.
This gives you a chance to stalk the eaters, see what's good and then grab a seat.

The hours.
Its 24/7!
Early birds, late birds, middle of the day birds....everybody wins!

The menu.
Ok, so I have only had breakfast here but what else do you need??
They have pancake specials, too cool.
Eggs, meats, veggies, sweets.
Sticky muffin - yum.
Orange juice and sprite - i love bubbles in my drinks!
They even have Chipotle Tabasco (love it!)

There is a bit of parking around the building and more in the neighborhood up around it.
Great little garden to sit in while you wait for your buzzer to buzz.
The service was great.
They are busy but I did not feel forgotten.

If you have been there before or go now let me know what you had and how you liked it!

I am looking forward to another meal at Kerbey Lane.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Looking Glass - Buda, Texas

I went for a drive a few weeks ago.
There is a little road out behind where we live in the South part of Austin and I always wondered where it went.

Well the answer to that is Buda, TX.

I made a right hand turn going west on Main Street and 'lo and behold, Historic Downtown Buda.
Train tracks and the library on one side of the street, rows of old buildings turned into shops on the other.
Sounds like heaven to me!

Today's post is about The Looking Glass.
As you walk up to the door you are greeted by the White Rabbit.
Looking quite dapper as expected!

Once you enter you are transported to an amazing land of vintage, jewelry, gifts and lots of Alice in Wonderland sights!

The vintage items are so wonderful.
Clothing, household, frames, decorative, you name it.
Be sure to check all the nooks and crannies, there are lots of goodies in this shop!

Now near and dear to my heart, jewelry!
Some new and LOTS vintage.
Its on the counters and in the counters and on the wall and on the tables and don't forget to look in all the drawers!

If you are looking for something sweet for a gift or even for yourself there is not a shortage of good things to be had!

Soaps and lotions and candles...

The sweetest baby gifts...

and lots of new items for your kitchen.

All photos courtesy of The Looking Glass website.

Buda is an easy drive from Austin.
Just head south on 35 and exit on Main Street.
To get to The Looking Glass make a right on Main Street and keep going until you get to the Historic District. When you pass over the train tracks you know you are close.
Then just look for the White Rabbit on the right hand side of the street!

See you in Wonderland!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Do you love an adventure?
Do you love treasure hunting?

Then you found the right place!

I will be concentrating on the Austin, TX area but you never know where I will end up!

Well I am sure glad you are here and look forward to sharing some fun things!