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Monday, August 30, 2010

Congress Street Bridge Bats

ok, so this one is not much of a "find"
but its something we finally got around to doing
and I wanted to share.

This was such a fun evening!

We were given the advice to head on down to the TGIFriday's restaurant in the Radisson Hotel on Congress and Cesar Chavez (just north of the bridge on Congress) and get a seat on the patio.

Great view of the action and a little food and drink too!

We enjoyed sitting out in the lovely end of August evening and watching all the people gather on the bridge and along the water and even IN the water for the nightly show.

As the evening grew darker, the bridge got fuller.

And the glow sticks came out.

Its quite a scene at the Congress Street Bridge!

Finally as night continued to fall the bats make they debut.
First one or two were spotted above the treeline and then a red light came on under the bridge.
We could see thousands streaming out from under the bridge for their nightly feast.

Unfortunately my camera is not good enough to capture this event.
You will just have to head on down there for yourself and see it!

It was truly a magical evening!

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